Guests and Listener Feedback!

Probably one of the most unusual and intriguing combinations of topics I’ve ever been part of.   Music and Aliens: as unique a show one could ever find.  Brilliant!  -Paul Nelson (Grammy-Award winning guitarist)

This is a lot of fun. You’re my kind of guys and I love the conversation. -Greg Kihn
“I love the podcast,
the humor and personality of the podcast is great. It hits the right angle of this subject.” –Steven – Wash D.C.
“I was very impressed with how they described my research and look forward to answering their questions on a later show.
I would suggest listening to the full show which I found very informative and entertaining.” – Bent Light on Facebook
“Bin listening for 3 weeks . I really injoy the podcast. How ya doing from Australia. ??” – Instagram -sappakman

Hey much love from Cali 😎😎😎 I always hear u guys haha love from Cali 😎😎😎  I love the show and everything u guys talk about. It’s bad ass. Keep em coming guys 🙂 – Sal from California

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